Privacy Policy

Date of Last Revision: May 23rd, 2018

We respect the privacy of our customers and partners with which we work. Please read our Privacy Policy to know what information we collect, disclose to third parties, for what purposes we do it as well as how you can modify, erase, and transmit this data.

The processor and controller of the personal data which you provide or which Kiwitaxi collects is IT TRAVEL LP, 41 Duke Street Edinburgh EH6 8HH UK, Company number SL024264.

What information do we collect and for what purposes

Kiwitaxi is an online service for searching and booking transfers. We need your information for:

  • registration, processing, distribution, and control over the execution of the booking

  • counseling and support of your booking;

  • improvement of the service on the basis of the statistics of websites visits, sales and feedback on the service and the transfers provided;

  • improvement of the offer, marketing, and targeted advertising.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, when booking a transfer, we ask you to indicate the following personal data: first and last names, contact phone number, email address, departure/destination addresses.

We also automatically collect information about your interaction with the Kiwitaxi service, in particular, information about the pages you visited or content seen, made queries, created bookings, and other actions on the site, as well as IP address, access time, information about software and hardware, device information, device event information, unique identifiers, fault information, cookie data, and information about the pages you viewed before using the Kiwitaxi service.

Personal data of other people you provide to us

It is possible that you are booking a transfer not for yourself. Then you, most likely, give us the personal data of another person and make a booking on his/her behalf.

In doing so, you are fully responsible for the fact that the person or persons whose personal data you provided are aware of this, understand, and agree with how Kiwitaxi uses their data (in accordance with this Privacy Policy).

Your rights

When creating a booking, by agreeing to the terms of this Privacy Policy, you freely and in your own interests transfer your personal data to us and give your active consent to their storage and processing.

You may withdraw your consent to this Privacy Policy by sending an email to

The fact that the consent is withdrawn does not affect the legality of the permitted processing of data carried out prior to withdrawal.

In addition, you are entitled to:

  • get access to your data, as well as information on the purposes of processing, the categories of data processed, recipients, the data storage period;

  • obtain from us the rectification of inaccurate personal data. You are responsible for the actuality of the personal data transferred to us;

  • require us to provide you with a copy of your personal data in a standard, structured, and machine-readable form and/or if technically possible, transmit this information to another service provider;

  • require the erasure of your personal data if there are special reasons (the data is no longer required for the purposes for which they were received, you withdrew your consent to the processing of personal data, there were no overriding legitimate grounds for the processing, etc.), and transmit this requirement to other controllers;

  • obtain from the controller restriction of processing of personal data in the presence of special conditions (the data are inaccurate, processing is illegal, but the party objects to the removal of data, etc.);

  • require the termination of work with your personal data used for direct marketing;

  • object to be subject to a legally significant decision for you, based on automatic data processing.

To exercise any of your rights, you can contact us by email at with the appropriate request or requirement.

Erasure data

If you want to erasure the consent allowing us to use your data when you access the Kiwitaxi platform, you can send a request for the removal of personal data by email at

After fulfilling your demand for the removal of personal data, we completely and irrevocably anonymize your personal data.

Please note that in the case of a request to erasure personal data, the following rules apply:

  • we have the right to partially save your personal data within the legitimate interests of our business, including to combat fraud and improve security;

  • we have the right to store and use your personal data to the extent necessary to comply with legal requirements;

  • the information you gave to other people (for example, reviews, entries on the forums) may remain public even after you erase your data, but the indication of your identity will be erased. Some copies of your information can be stored in our database without any possibility of personal identification;

  • in connection with the implementation of the protection system against accidental or deliberate damage or loss of data, backup copies of your personal data will be erased with a certain delay.

Transfer of data to third parties

With the Kiwitaxi service, third parties are also connected in various ways and for various reasons. The main goal is to give the carrier information about your trip in order to complete the booking. Your data can also be received by other parties which we involve in providing services to you, including financial institutions, advertising companies, and in some cases state or other competent authorities.

Third-party organizations are service providers. We use third-party services to process your personal data on our behalf. This processing occurs for different purposes, including sending marketing materials or authenticating the email address provided by you in the booking process. Third-party service providers are bound by confidentiality obligations and do not have the right to use your personal data for other purposes than in accordance with Kiwitaxi's directions.

Competent authorities. We transfer personal data to law enforcement agencies to the extent required by law or which is strictly necessary to prevent, detect or suppress criminal acts and fraud, or if we are otherwise legally required to transfer them. In addition, we may need to transfer personal data to the competent authorities to protect our rights or property, as well as the rights and property of our business partners.

We also have the right to carry out a cross-border transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state in order to fulfill the obligations of organizing the transfer.


We follow the proper security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and their misuse.

We apply the relevant corporate systems and procedures in order to protect the personal data provided to us. We also use security procedures and apply technical and physical restrictions to the use of personal data and access to them on our servers. Only employees with special rights have the right to access personal data in the process of performing their duties.

We keep your personal data for as long as we deem necessary to enable you to use our services, we could provide you with our services, as part of compliance with applicable law, to resolve disputes with any parties, and for other purposes that allow us to conduct commercial activities, including detection and prevention of fraudulent or other unlawful acts. This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data stored by us. If you have any questions regarding the specific period of storage of a certain type of your personal data processed by us, you can contact us by email at

Changes to Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. The updated Privacy Policy is published on the Kiwitaxi website with the date of the last update. We will notify you in advance of the changes made via email.

Conditions d'utilisation des cookies

Le service Kiwitaxi utilise des cookies pour améliorer votre expérience sur notre site Web. Nous croyons que c'est important pour vous de savoir quels cookies notre site Web utilise et à quelles buts. Cela aidera à protéger vos informations personnelles et à assurer le confort d'utilisation de notre site Web pour l'utilisateur.

Qu'est-ce que les cookies et à quoi ils servent?

Les cookies contiennent des petites quantités d'informations et sont téléchargés sur votre ordinateur ou un autre appareil à l’aide d’un un serveur de site Web. Votre navigateur envoie ensuite ces cookies vers le site à chaque visite afin qu'il puisse vous reconnaître en tant que visiteur unique et se souvenir de quelques informations telles que vos préférences d'utilisateur. Les cookies peuvent être utilisés à des buts différentes. Tout d'abord, ils peuvent être nécessaires pour le fonctionnement normal du site.

Par exemple, sans cookies, le site ne pourra se souvenir que vous avez signé ou effectué une commande. Ces cookies sont strictement nécessaires.

Les cookies analytiques peuvent être utilisés pour aider à analyser l'utilisation du site web, compter le nombre de visiteurs, de façon à permettre d’améliorer le fonctionnement du site. Nous ne visons aucunement à exploiter ces données pour identifier personnellement un utilisateur.

Troisièmement les cookies pour réseaux sociaux peuvent permettre à ses utilisateurs de partager ou de marquer des pages ou contenus du site.

Le quatrième domaine important d'application des cookies est la publicité en ligne. Avec leur aide sur les sites Web, uniquement des annonces les plus utiles et intéressants pour vous sont affichés. Ce sont des cookies de la publicité.

En utilisant ce site, vous consentez à ce que nous puissions placer des cookies sur votre ordinateur ou votre appareil. Vous disposez néanmoins de plusieurs options pour contrôler et gérer vos cookies. Veuillez garder à l’esprit que la suppression ou le blocage des cookies peut avoir une incidence sur votre expérience utilisateur et que certaines parties du site pourraient ne plus vous être complètement accessibles.

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